Ford Superduty Grille Lights

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2 Pairs- 14" LED Switchback DRL Grille Lights

Want to add a little extra light to the front of your truck but not sure what to do? Look no further! 

These grille lights are the perfect addition! They are available in 6", 11", and 14". Not only do the function as running lights but they can also be wired into your turn signals as well, with the added sequential switchback feature! All necessary components to install are included with the lights. Wiring is completely PLUG & PLAY. If you're not sure which size you need the quickest way is to measure the area you're wanting to put the light.

What's included: Wiring instructions, multiple zip ties, soldered heat shrink connectors, heavy duty wire taps. 

If you have any questions or don't see an option you'd like to add, please email before placing your order.